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After-sales service plan

1. Service during the warranty period

1.1 Failure response

Green Telecom promises to respond immediately after receiving the user's fault notification and solve the problem within 48 hours.

1.2 Spare parts service

Green Telecom has sufficient spare parts and accessories, and provides users with technical services and spare parts services in a timely manner.

2. If the manufacturer upgrades the product version, it will be provided free of charge regardless of the warranty period or outside.

3. During the warranty period, if the product fails, Green Telecom promises to repair it for free until it meets the technical indicators and performance requirements. (Except for man-made damage)

4. If the product fails outside the warranty period, Green Telecom is responsible for repairing it and bears the return freight. (China Railway Express or Air)

Technical Support

1. Consulting Services

Users can obtain product consultation and support services in the following ways: you can directly call our company's service hotline 0574-6242 8462 during working hours to inquire about product technical information, our engineers will provide you with telephone support; or send an email to [email protected], we will try our best to answer your questions.

2. Online Services

Users can get the company's online information services for free, and you can seek technical support from our professionals through the Internet. We will continue to improve the scope and content of this service so that you can enjoy more fast and convenient online services.

After-sales service personnel

1. Regional distribution of after-sales service

The company is engaged in the design, production, manufacturing and maintenance of communication boxes full-time. It has a large number of engineering and technical personnel throughout the country, and can set up a full-time security team for special circumstances to provide users with a full range of technical consultation and on-site problem solving services at the first time .

2. Regular inspection service

The company can assign specialized technical personnel to regularly inspect the user's site, track the operation of the user's system, answer the questions raised by the user, and continuously provide users with training opportunities for follow-up personnel.