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Boltless Inline FOSC GJS-H020
  • Boltless Inline FOSC GJS-H020
  • Boltless Inline FOSC GJS-H020
  • Boltless Inline FOSC GJS-H020

Boltless Inline FOSC GJS-H020

Fiber optic closure is a passive component which can provide a great protection for fiber splicing point. Aerially assembling, pipeline assembling and buried underground are all available. The Inline type closure is also called Horizontal closure. The input and output are on the both sides. Inline closure is more suitable for backbone application. GreenTel provides various shapes closure of Inline type. All the closures we offered are with a great sealing performance. High quality plastic
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GJS-H020 Boltless Fiber Optic Splice Closure

GJS-H020 fiber optic splice closure is able to hold up to 96 splicing points,the fully rugged design enable it to work in the harshest environment,the boltless locking system facilitate the installation in a large scale. It is suitable for aerial,direct buried,pipeline,wall mounted,manhole and handhole installation. 4 cable entrance supports 2 cables entry from left and 2 cables entry from right side.

● Wate-proof design with IP-68 protection level
● Boltless design with no tools needed for open and close
● Impact test:IK10,Pull Force:100N,Full rugged design
● All stainless metal plate and anti-rusting bolts,nuts.
● Maximum splice capacity:96 fibers(4 trays x 24F) 
● Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice.
● Mechanical sealing with rubber protection tube.





Inline type

Number of Inlet/Outlet ports 4 ports
Cable Diameter 4 ports×23mm
Maximum Capacity Bunchy: 96 fibers;Ribbon: 96 fibers
Capacity per Splice Tray Bunchy: single layer: 12 fibers; dual layers: 24 fibers
Quantity of Splice Tray 4pcs
Body Material Strengthen Polymer Plastic
Sealing Material Thermoplastic rubber
Assembling method Aerial, direct buried, pipelined, wall mounting, manhole



Net Weight  2.1KG
Temperature -40℃~65℃
Main Components:
Item Name Usage Quantity
1 Housing (Bottom) To protect splices of fiber optic cables 1pc
2 Housing (Cover) To protect splices of fiber optic cables 1pc
3 Splice Tray To fix Fiber Splice Protective Sleeves Max. 4pcs
4 Plug To seal empty ports 4pcs
Standard Accessories:
Item Name Usage Quantity
5 Fiber Splice Protective Sleeves To protect fiber splices Same as capacity
6 Nylon Tie To fix buffer tubes with fibers inside 8pcs
7 Insulation Tape To enlarge cable diameter for fixation 1 roll
8 Sealing Tape To enlarge cable diameter for sealing grommet 1 roll
9 Hanging Hook For aerial installation 2pcs
10 Grounding Wire To connect with grounding device 1pc
11 Abrasive Cloth To polish fiber optic cable 1pc
12 Labelling Paper To label fibers 1 set
13 M6 Wrench To screw bolts of housing 1pc
14 Hose Clamp To fix fiber cables 4pcs
15 Steady 4pcs
16 Ring To seal cables at 8 sets


Optional Accessories:
Item Name Usage Quantity
1 Valve To perform pressure and sealing testing 1pc
2 Grounding Device To derive metallic components of fiber cable 1 set
3 Buffer Tube To protect fibers and be fixed on splice trays specified
4 Desiccant To desiccate air in FOSC after sealing 1 bag

Green Telecom

Registered in 1999,Green Telecom is professional China Boltless Inline FOSC GJS-H020 suppliers annd OEM/ODM Boltless Inline FOSC GJS-H020 company, engaged in the integration and service of customized projects of deployment and detection of optical communication network. Green Telecom offers the most comprehensive selection of fiber optic splice closure products to customers in different industries.

Green Telecom owns a factory of 40,000 square meters,with employees over 130 people,to manufacture 1) Telecom Racks and Cabinets 2) Plastic Fiber Termination Boxes 3) Fiber Passive Products 4) Fiber Test Instruments 5) custom Boltless Inline FOSC GJS-H020 and etc.

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