Which Fiber Installation Tools You Need


Fiber installation tool is a very big category including tools for finishing a variety of jobs in fiber optic industry. So before looking further, please ask yourself: what do I want to do using these tools?

There are tools available for traditional epoxy and polishing connector termination, quick connector termination, fusion splicing, mechanical splicing, optic cleaning, fiber optic testing, and many more.

This type of tool sometimes is also called universal connectorization epoxy tool. They include all the tools necessary for hand-polishing termination of epoxy optic connectors such as FC, SC, ST, LC, etc. The following list shows all essentials items that should be included.

1. Fiber cable jacket stripper to remove outer jacket from optical cables.

2. Fiber stripper to remove fiber coatings (900um tight buffer or 250um UV coating layer) to expose the bare fiber cladding.

3. Kevlar scissors to cut the yellow strength member inside fiber jacket.

4. Fiber connector crimp tool for FC, SC, ST, LC.

5. Fiber scribe tool to scribe the bare fiber.

6. Epoxy for fixing the fiber inside the connector, empty syringes for epoxy dispensing into the connector.

7. Glass polish plate, so you can place rubber polish pad on top of it.

8. Rubber polish pad that you can place the lapping films on top of it,

9. Lapping films (several grits included, typically 12um, 3um, 1um and 0.5um).

10. Connector hand polish pucks for FC, SC, ST, LC.

11. Inspection microscope which you can use to inspect the quality of your work.

12. Heat cure oven to cure the epoxy (either 220V or 110V).

13. Other misc. items for cleaning such as Kimwipes, Isopropyl alcohol, etc.

In general, 90% of quick termination connectors don't require polishing. They have a factory pre-polished fiber stub inside the connector body, all you need to do is strip your fiber, clean, cleave the fiber and then insert the cleaved fiber into the connector body, with or without assembly tool assistance, then crimp the connector with specialized tool.

There is no universal quick termination connector tool, since each connector is designed differently by their manufacturers and requires proprietary assembly tool.

Usually, fusion splicing is simpler than fiber connector termination. So they require less Fiber Installation Tools but the tools are sometimes pretty expensive, especially the high precision fiber cleavers. So, before purchasing any fiber installation tool, make sure you need it, so that you can ensure that every coin is worthy.