What Is The Dome Fiber Closure Supplier Introducing Optical Broadband


Today, What Is The DOME Fiber Closure Supplier Introducing Optical Broadband? Optical broadband gives people the most intuitive feeling is fast, fiber access to each household is equivalent to open a dedicated "highway" for each user.

Compared with traditional broadband, optical broadband has the advantages of wide bandwidth, large capacity, good signal quality, high reliability, and can provide multiple services and future broadband interactive services. Therefore, it is considered to be a multi-transmission medium in broadband networks. The most ideal one. And this rate increase is not just a few digital changes. As the saying goes, volume changes cause qualitative changes, and high-speed broadband can even change your online habits.

Different from traditional broadband, the family now handles fiber-optic broadband, which not only can enjoy unlimited broadband network, but also solve the needs of the whole family's calls, traffic, TV, etc. One package is for all households, and one-stop payment service is also implemented. A lot of money.

What's more, the home network is fast, in addition to meeting the daily communication needs, some Internet of Things applications will also be possible. For users who are worried about whether fiber-to-the-home will damage the family structure, even if there is no fiber-optic line before the renovation, the problem is not big. On the one hand, the fiber optic lines are very thin and workers will deploy them according to construction standards. On the other hand, most of the people who install the door will try to meet the user's aesthetic needs. When the user has the concealed pipe to enter the household, the original dark pipe should be used to penetrate the fiber as much as possible.