What Is The Basic Principle Of Fiber Transmission In The Inline Closure Manufacturer?


Today, the Inline Closure manufacturer introduces the basic principles of fiber transmission?

Optical fiber communication is a communication method that uses light waves to transmit information in optical fibers. Since the laser has significant advantages such as high directivity, high coherence, and high monochromaticity, the optical wave in optical fiber communication is mainly laser, so it is also called laser-fiber communication.

The principle of optical fiber communication is: at the transmitting end, the transmitted information (such as voice) is first converted into an electrical signal, and then modulated onto the laser beam emitted by the laser so that the intensity of the light changes with the amplitude (frequency) of the electrical signal. And transmitted through the optical fiber; at the receiving end, the detector receives the optical signal and converts it into an electrical signal, and after demodulation, restores the original information.