What is Greentelftth Fiber Termination Box


Fiber termination box, or fiber optic terminal box, generally refers to a box shape cable management product that used to protect and distribute the optical fiber links. It is small and compact, used in FTTX cabling, including fiber cabling and cable management.

Usually, the fiber termination boxes include fiber optic patch panel and fiber terminal box. Fiber optic patch panel is in bigger size, while the fiber terminal box is smaller. However, there are too many fiber optic termination boxes and cable management devices that it is hard to count their types. Many manufacturers make the fiber optic termination boxes according to their own design and give the fiber optic termination boxes different names and model numbers.

On the other hand, fiber optic patch panels are usually 19 inch size. They can be wall mounted type or rack mounted type, and they have the tray inside the fiber box to hold and protect the fiber links. They can be pre-installed with various kinds of fiber optic adapters, which are the interface via which the fiber box will connect the external devices.

Fiber optic terminal boxes are also used for fiber optic distribution and organization. Typical fiber terminal boxes are with 12 ports or 24 ports. However, 8 ports, 36 ports, 48 ports, and 96 ports fiber terminal boxes are also available in the market. They are made of cold rolling steel and the surface of the boxes use the technique of dim blowing plastic. They are typically installed with FC or ST adapters on the panel on the wall or put in horizontal line.

Fiber termination box types are mainly described as rack mount and wall mount.

The rack mount slide-out type fiber termination box performs fiber splicing, distribution, termination, patching, storage, and management in one unit. They support both cross-connect and interconnect architecture, and provide interfaces between outside plant cables and transmission equipment.

While, the wall mount fiber termination boxes are designed for either field installation of connectors, or field splicing of pigtails. They are ideal for building entrance terminals, telecommunication closets, main crossconnects, computer rooms, and other controlled environments.

Generally, fiber termination box is suitable for fixing the end of fiber and splicing the fiber pigtail, meantime it protects fiber splice tie-in and helps to distribute fiber. Termination box is mainly used in telecom equipment room or network equipment room. Fiber termination box is available for the distribution and termination connection for various kinds of fiber optic systems, especially suitable for mini-network terminal distribution, in which the optical cables, patch cores or pigtails are connected.