What Is Dome Fiber Closure Manufacturer Sharing?


Today, the DOME Fiber Closure manufacturer will tell you what is fiber?

Optical fiber is a kind of fiberglass cable, which is a fiber optic cable. It can transmit very fast and can be divided into single mode and multimode. Multimode fiber transmission is generally used for the distance between floors of 500M. Single mode is used between the building and the building, or the city underground optical cable, the distance can reach up to a kilometer. The network cable is usually about 200 meters. The broadband at home is generally transmitted by telephone line. The maximum network speed is 4M. If the fiber access is used, it can be hundreds of meters, thousands of M, and of course, there must be related equipment. The so-called fiber access. The network speed is basically above 10M. The higher the cost, the greater the cost.

The fiber is very small, but the toughness is very good. It is not broken when it is wound into a ring with a diameter of only 2 mm. A fiber that is only as thick as a hair can lift 7 kg of weight. The fiber communication has a large capacity and low transmission loss. Free from electromagnetic interference, small in size and light in weight. Fiber optic traffic is a big deal. An optical fiber can turn sound, text, images, etc. into optical signals and transmit at a speed of 3 billion kilometers per second.