What Do Fiber Closure Manufacturers Share About Fiber Optic Sensors?


Sensors are moving in a direction that is sensitive, precise, adaptable, compact and intelligent. In this process, what is the role of fiber optic sensors? Today, Fiber Closure manufacturers will share it.

1. The sensitivity is higher;

2. The geometric shape has a variety of adaptability, can be made into any shape of the fiber sensor;

3. It is possible to manufacture devices that sense various physical information (acoustic, magnetic, temperature, rotation, etc.);

4. It can be used in high voltage, electrical noise, high temperature, corrosion, or other harsh environments;

5. It also has inherent compatibility with fiber optic telemetry.

Fiber optic sensors are used in a wide range of applications, mainly in the following areas:

The application of interferometric gyroscopes and grating pressure sensors for bridges, dams, oil fields, etc. in urban construction. Fiber optic sensors can be pre-buried in concrete, carbon fiber reinforced plastics and various composite materials to test stress relaxation, construction stress and dynamic load stress to evaluate the structural performance of the bridge during short-term construction and long-term operation.

Used in the production process and equipment temperature measurement of flammable and explosive materials. The fiber optic sensor is essentially a fire and explosion proof device. It does not require explosion-proof measures and is very safe and reliable. Compared with electrical sensors, it can reduce costs and increase sensitivity.