What Are The Materials That Fiber Closure Manufacturers Share About Fiber Optics?


Fiber usage is very high today, so how much do you know about fiber, let's take a look at the Fiber Closure manufacturer.

The fiber is a very thin, low-loss light guide fiber made of a highly transparent dielectric material consisting of a core and a cladding.

Quartz glass fiber, mainly made of silicon dioxide and controls the refractive index of the core and multi-component glass fiber with different doping amount. The cladding layer is to be reduced in refractive index, doped with fluorine, and the core has a refractive index and is doped with cerium oxide.

Multi-component glass fibers, in addition to quartz, are other oxides such as sodium oxide, potassium oxide, calcium oxide, and boron oxide. Plastic optical fiber, whose cladding and core are optical fibers made of plastic. A metal-coated optical fiber is coated with a metal-coated fiber such as Ni, Cu, or Al on its surface. A rare-earth-doped fiber, an optical fiber doped with a rare earth element such as bait, bismuth or bismuth. An illuminating fiber, an optical fiber made of a fluorescent substance.