Types of Greentelftth Fiber Optic Cabinet


Greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet is usually classified as indoor and outdoor version. Three different kinds of Cabinet armoring are commonly used: double greentelftth, single greentelftth, and non greentelftth. The double greentelftth Cabinets are used at shallow depths near the shore, and the non greentelftth Cabinets are used for most of the ocean floor. The single greentelftth Cabinet is used between these extremes. Usually, the non greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet is cheaper than greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet.

1. Outdoor greentelftth Fiber Optic Cabinet

Light armor and heavy armor are the two versions of outdoor greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet. The light greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet, constructed with protective plastic jacket, are crush resistant, bend limiting and water resistant, thus letting these Cabinets suitable for a myriad of applications from interconnects to industrial and semi-harsh environment conditions. While the heavy greentelftth fiber optic Cabinets are usually applied in river bed and the bottom of the sea.

2. Indoor greentelftth Fiber Optic Cabinet

Indoor greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet includes simplex greentelftth and duplex greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet. The main difference is that simplex greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet does not contain stainless steel wire woven layer, yet duplex greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet contains stainless steel hose and stainless steel wire woven which are of compressive property, resistance to deflection, rodent resistance, anti-torque.

Greentelftth fiber optic Cabinet is mostly used in direct-buried outside plant applications, which plays an important role in the telecommunication industry. After going through this passage, you will understand that they are the ideal choice for customer who is looking for fiber optic Cabinet with additional durability and protection as well as light weight.