Tools And General Methods For Installing DOME Fiber Closure


The performance of DOME Fiber Closure should be as follows:

Easily accessible for maintenance, changes, and expansion
Protected against water ingress and harsh conditions
Suitable for a variety of applications and environments including aerial, pedestal, buried, or underground
Compatible with existing cable types
Fiber Optic Splice Closures combine proven fiber management hardware with a highly reliable sealing system. Reliability, installability and flexibility are key.

In order to achieve the above performance effects, it is crucial to properly install the DOME Fiber Closure.

First,Tools Required
(1) Blast Burner or Welding Gun
(2) Saw
(3) Minus Screwdriver
(4) Cross-shaped Screwdriver
(5) Pliers
(6) Scrubber

Second,Display of the Serial Assemblies and Tools
1. Serial Assemblies
2. Self-prepared Installation Tools

Last,Installation Steps
(1) Release the plastic nut and hoop.
(2)Strip the cable, if the diameter of cable is small, enlarge the diameter with adhesive tape.
(3) Let the cable go through the entry, insert the cable into plastic nut and washer.
(4) Insert the strengthen core into strengthen core retainer tighten the plastic nut with wrench.
(5) Fix the fiber with nylon tie.
(6) Hold fiber after splicing.
(7) Cover the splice tray and tighten it.
(8) Put the seal ring on the base.
(9) Put the cover of the joint box on the base case and tighten it.
(10) When installing, fix the hanging hook .There are two fixed methods, Pole mount and Wall-mounting.