The Use of Different Types of Fiber PLC Splitter


Fiber PLC Splitter is an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device based on a quartz substrate. As with a coaxial cable transmission system, optical network systems also need to couple, branch and allocate optical signals, which requires optical splitter. It is one of the most important passive devices in the fiber optic link. It is a fiber optic remover device with multiple input terminals and multiple output terminals. It is especially suitable for connecting to the passive optical network (EPON, GPON, BPON, etc.) And the terminal device and realize the shunt of the optical signal.

Fiber PLC Splitter has bare fiber type, miniature (steel pipe / module) type, ABS box type, with branch type, tray type, insert type, rack type and so on.

Rack-mounted is installed in the 19-inch OLT cabinet, the fiber branch in the home, the installation of equipment is a standard digital cabinet. Bare fiber is installed in various types of pigtail box or installed in various types of test instruments and WDM system. Splitter type is installed in various types of optical equipment or installed in various types of optical test instrument. The plug-in is a user access point for FTTX system in the FTTX system. It mainly completes the cable entry into the cell or building. It has the functions of fixing, stripping, splicing, jumpering and shunting of the fiber. The form of the optical cable into the end user.

Fiber PLC Splitter can meet the needs of different wavelengths of transmission, and evenly distributed, the signal can be evenly distributed to the user. It is compact, small size, can be installed directly in the existing variety of transfer box, no special design to leave a large installation space.

However, the device production process is complex, the technical threshold is higher, the current chip is a few foreign companies monopoly, the domestic large quantities of packaging production enterprises are only a few. Compared to the cost of the melt-pull tapered splitter, especially in the low-channel splitter is more at a disadvantage.