The Step Of Processing The Fiber Termination Box


The fiber termination box operates at 850 or 1300 nm wavelengths and the single mode system operates at 1310 or 1550 nm. All of these ranges are outside the infrared scale and visible spectrum. While light sources in optical fiber networks such as light emitting diodes have low power levels, excessive exposure to working fibers can damage your retina.

The second important area of security is dealing with bare fiber. The fiber termination box includes stripping the protective coating from the core and covering the exposed fiber. Debris or debris is easy to penetrate your skin and is hard to find and remove. If these fibers enter your eyes, they are particularly difficult to rinse out. Handling the fiber itself is not dangerous; however, there are some things you should not follow. Safety is always the primary task of any work environment, should take some preventive measures to prevent accidents and personal injury. When terminating the fiber, use common sense, wear proper eye protection, work in the best environment (not in a narrow space), and keep the work area clean.

First, you need to cut the coat from the fiber cable, about 18 inches from the last. Most types of fiber optic cables will be very good for electric scissors. Depending on what kind of fiber optic connector you are using, you may need or may not need to cut kevlar. If you use a 250 μm buffered fiber, you will first slide the guide wire over the fiber bundle, small end. And then use a fiber stripping tool to peel off the cushioning layer on a single strand. Make sure that more fiber is left than the finished cut length. It is advisable to clean the peeled fibers with alcohol to remove dust or debris before stripping.

The integrity of the fiber is slightly examined by the stripping end of the curved fiber. This ensures that you did not damage it during the stripping step. Now we need to use the cutter to cut the fiber into length. The cutter is a specially designed tool that can be controlled in the glass. It also cuts it to the exact length you need.

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