The Specifications of Greentel Fiber Closure


The surface of the Fiber Closure shell should be smooth, flat and uniform in shape and color, free from defects such as air bubbles, cracks, voids, warpage, impurities, etc., without overflow and burrs.

The fiber optic splice closure should be composed of the box body, internal components, sealing elements, fiber connector protection components, and external fasteners. The accessories also require product manuals, splice box assembly and repetitive opening tools, fiber optic splice quality cards, etc.

There should be at least four directions for the entrance and exit of the fiber optic splice closure. Each fiber in a fiber-receiving tray should have enough space and a clear position number.

The optical fiber metal sheathing and the reinforcing core on both sides of the fiber optic splice closure should have the ability to be electrically disconnected. A ground lead-out device can be installed on the box body to lead the metal components in the fiber optic splice closure and the cable cable out of the ground.The fiber optic splice closure enclosure shall have the function of detecting the difference of the line detection tail cable.

Fiber optic placement device: used to sequentially store fiber optic connectors (and their protective components) and remaining fiber optics. And there is space for easy identification and easy operation for reconnecting.

Fiber-optic connector protection: The fiber connector should be protected. The protected fiber connector should be able to avoid the erosion of moisture. The loss of the fiber connector before protection should not be increased. The mechanical performance and environmental performance should be in accordance with IEC 1037-1. Optical fiber connection point protection method adopts heat shrink protection tube protection.

All materials used in fiber optic splice closures and accessories should be non-toxic, non-polluting, and not harmful to the environment. Fiber optic splice closures have anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties. The joint box (including box body and sealing material) should have anti-termite properties.