The Role and Type of Fiber Optic Box


Fiber optic box are also called fiber patch panels, used in the use of optical fiber technology to transmit digital and similar voice, video and data signals. The fiber cartridge can be mounted directly or as a desktop installation. Especially suitable for high-speed optical fiber transmission. Also known as fiber terminal box, is the optical end of the box, for fiber optic cable, pipe, buried.

Optical fiber box is an important auxiliary equipment in optical transmission system. It is mainly used for optical fiber welding, optical connector installation, optical circuit transfer, storage of excess pigtail and protection of optical cable. It is suitable for optical fiber communication network security Running and flexible use has an important role. Over the past 10 years, optical communications used in the construction of the cable is usually a few to several tenths of the core, the capacity of the fiber box are generally below 100, these fiber cartridges more and more show pigtail storage capacity is smaller, Inconvenience, less functional, simple structure and other shortcomings.

Optical communication has been widely used in long-distance trunk and local network relay transmission, fiber has also become the development direction of access network. All in the new fiber optic network construction, are trying to use large number of cable, so that the fiber box capacity, function and structure put forward higher requirements.

A fiber box should be able to make the largest number of fiber optic cable in the board of the full shelves, where possible, can be linked to a few more cable in a frame to facilitate the deployment of light. At the same time, the capacity of the patch panel should correspond to the series of universal cable cores, so that the use of the equipment can be reduced or avoided due to improper handling caused by fiber cartridge capacity waste.

Fiber optic cable models are generally four jacks, 8 jacks, 12 jacks and 24 sockets, but the general election model, then the main look at the number of welding cable core.