The Quality of Greentel Fiber Closure Is Indispensable


As the professional Fiber Closure manufacturer - greentelftth offer high-quality products for you, we also often share useful information, this article title is the quality of greentel fiber closure is indispensable.

In the modern society where the communications industry is becoming more and more popular, communication has become a living and working method that everyone must have. In optical fiber communication networks, in addition to the quality problems of optical fibers or optical cables and network equipment In addition, the optical fiber cable connection point is the most prone to failure. Therefore, the correct selection of the fiber optic splice closure has become an important part of ensuring the integrity of the optical cable communication network. Therefore, attention should be paid to the relevant operation of the fiber optic splice closure, for example, the depth of the feed must be taken into account when the fiber optic cable is stripped. The key to the stripping of the outer sheath of the cable is to grasp the depth of the feed of the sheath cutter. Otherwise, it is easy to cut fiber.

Moreover, in the fiber optic splice closure, it can ensure good sealing performance even after repeated opening and use. The cable distribution box brings great convenience to the installation, expansion and maintenance of the optical cable. The shape of the fiber optic splice closure is a round-hat structure design. The cover and the base are fixed and sealed by the hoop, and the sealing performance is reliable. The installation is very convenient. This is an outdoor cap type fiber optic splice closure, which is suitable for all kinds of optical cable through Joint and branch joint protection.

During the fixing of the optical cable and the stripping of the core bundle, after the optical cable is stripped, the optical cable is fixed in the fiber optic splice closure, and the core bundle tube is opened and stripped to prepare the optical fibers before the fiber optic splice closure is fused. Ready to work. Because the fiber optic splice closure is prone to micro cracks on the surface of the optical fiber, and the optical fiber breaks for a long time, the fiber optic splice closure is usually buried in the underground, so the fiber optic splice closure is sealed Work is very important.