The Protection of the Fiber Optic Cabinet is Very High


To be sure, the emergence of fiber in recent years has been one of the best way to technology development. Because fiber optic cables transmit signals through light rather than power, they can run at a faster distance and faster than their coaxial counterparts. Fiber optic cables are less susceptible to electrical interference, and fiber optic cables can transmit these signals more smoothly, usually without lifting or clearing signals that have traveled a long distance. Therefore, with the growing demand for technology, fiber optic cable is becoming the traditional traditional coaxial solution of the preferred method.

Fiber optical cabinet made of double-sided drawing stainless steel, high degree of protection. The fiberboard cabinet is used for the connection between the fiber optic cable and the main point and is a port device. With direct or indirect cable connection, winding, storage and scheduling functions. The cabinet is made of double-sided brushed stainless steel, the degree of protection to glass fiber reinforced polyester can withstand climate change and adverse environment.

It is an outdoor optical device designed specifically for outdoor optical nodes in the access network and is widely used in the installation of various devices in a communication system. It provides optical fiber splicing, terminal, storage and scheduling functions as interface devices for fiber access and distribution cable trunk cable nodes. Its capacity can be customized according to need, built-in direct splicing unit can provide direct connection function. It is also resistant to sudden climate change and extreme environments. Suitable for FTTH applications in the outdoor optical splitter, with spectral function, easy installation, the use of security, reduce costs. Optical cabinet to adapt to a variety of adverse weather conditions, with good sealing, waterproof and moisture-proof features.

The modular design of fiber optic cabinet provides maximum flexibility to meet current and future needs. The use of stainless steel surface of the body using electrostatic spraying, with good corrosion resistance and anti-aging function. Clamping device can directly ensure the bending radius of the fiber to prevent eye injury. Pad can be rotated 90 degrees, and then pull out, easy construction, but also easy to expand and maintain. Front and rear doors with a wide range of wiring, easy operation and maintenance. Reliable cable fastening, peeling and grounding equipment.