The Outdoor Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure Is Often Used as a Fusion Gun Barrel


The outdoor vertical fiber closure is often used as a fusion gun barrel. It is an outdoor vertical waterproof fiber closure, which is used to protect the docking between the outdoor fiber closures, so as to prevent the outdoor docking fiber from being exposed to the wind and the sun to destruction.

The fiber closure is made of high-strength engineering plastics with anti-aging agent, high-quality stainless steel screws and hooks, large splice tray design, and can be installed with multiple fiber splice discs, optical cable and reinforcing core fixing device, and repeated opening device. The sealing structure of the silicone rubber is pressed with the hoop and the cable is sealed by a heat shrinkable tube.

Performance advantages of fiber closures:

The sealing performance is reliable and can be opened again after sealing. It can be reused after replacing the sealing material, and it is convenient to repeat.

High strength, can be used directly or overhead installation, special overhead can also choose steel belt hanger grounding protection reliable, protect the fiber in the whole process, and ensure its bending radius ≥ 40mm.

Easy to operate and maintain.

Scope of application: The fiber closure is continuously improved and improved according to the requirements of the user, providing quality assurance for excellent voice, image and data transmission. It can fully meet the needs of fiber optic cable trunking and distribution cable network, and can also meet the requirements of optical cable overhead, underground direct burial, wall entrance of building entrance, pipeline and installation in manhole.

The fiber closure can be used for straight-through connection and large-capacity divergence, and serves to protect the fiber closure. Reasonable structural design and quick installation; scientific raw material selection and formulation; innovative waterproof and elastic joint seals; reliable optical and electrical resistance; multi-system cable divergence.