The Optical Termination Box Makes the Fiber Transmission Safer


As the fiber optic cable can carry more data than copper cables, especially in the long distance, built in the 20th century, copper telephone network is being replaced by fiber. FTTX network architecture is now widely used in telecommunications long-distance transmission. When using fiber pigtails in the FTTX network, it is important to protect the fiber terminals because the fiber connectors are fragile and susceptible to contamination by the outside world. In response to this problem, a device called a fiber end box was created to place the fiber end in a more secure place.

The optical termination box includes a housing, an internal (support frame, a fixed fiber tray, a fixture), and a fiber optic connector protection element. The outstanding advantages of the fiber optic terminal box are the effective cable fixing, welding and its protection in the optical fiber machinery. Insulation is always required between the cable metal parts and the cable terminal box housing in the fiber end box to provide space for the cable termination and to retain fiber storage. In addition, the fiber terminal box is also easy to install different occasions, because it is easy to access, the result is to save time and cost.

The optical termination box provides a simple and clear way to manage the incoming and outgoing cables. The fiber bending radius is firmly protected in the box, and the signal integrity is ensured. The fiber terminal box is a compact device that can be easily installed, maintained and subsequently terminated. The number of fibers can be varied to meet the project requirements. When installed in different occasions, the fiber terminal box is also designed to have a different structure.

There are some different types of optical termination box. Wall-mounted optical termination box, from its name, we can know that this type of fiber terminal box can be installed on the wall. It is commonly used for building entrance terminals, pre-wired cables, cross-connect, field connector installation, telephones, pigtail stitching, cable and computer applications. Rack mount The fiber end box can be rack mounted to the rack unit. Unlike a wall mounting type, the rack mount has a front door and a rear door with a slide rail, and the number of boxes that can be fixed in the box depends on the capacity. And provides an interface between an external plant cable and a transmission device.