The Optical Terminal Box Is Used For The Cable System


The optical termination box provides the ability to interconnect each room. The mechanical and environmental protection of the two fibers and their components is provided, which provides a transition point between the cable and the patch cord of the external equipment of the fiber optic network. It is designed to maintain the entire unit of the unit on the isolation of the customer with both sides of the fiber bending radius control. For the convenience of cable management, they are used for fiber optic cable systems to provide termination, splicing and storage functions.

FTTx's outdoor optical termination box is designed for easy maintenance and offers high reliability under a variety of conditions. With the advent of OTB, you can improve your FTTx network system by using a lower level and quality of the shim and double structure.

The foptical termination box provides a comprehensive solution for the network's long-term successful cable management and storage. For ease of management, they provide the splicing and storage functions when the fiber optic cable system is terminated. On the rear side, and the cable splice tray is provided with a cable opening, and the cable arrangement in the frame has never been so simple. They are used for central office, remote terminal location and local area network for interconnection with fiber optic equipment for external equipment to provide easy access to fiber optic cables.

The optical termination box provides cross-connection and interconnection of fiber optic cables between the central office, local area network and remote terminal external equipment cables and optoelectronic devices. The module integrated connector is installed, stitched and the fiber is stored together. They are a modular, fully integrated design on the base, enabling users to expand and expand their fiber management systems. In particular, FTTx networks are designed to accommodate connected pre-terminated cables and sliding modules that can be easily used for cable connections and storage.