The Most Important Use Of The Fiber Closure


Today, the access network market is highly competitive. When deploying fiber-to-the-building (FTTP) networks, it is often difficult but necessary to make cost estimates early. This is because service providers must not only consider the initial installation fee, but also consider the operation and maintenance costs of unanticipated services. A large number of cost-budgeting models strongly demonstrate that in the design and construction phase, the correct method of connecting different segments of the FTTP network is chosen, and more precisely, the use of an enhanced connector over the field welding during the entire lifetime of the network can bring more significant Economic benefits.

Although the architecture of FTTP varies from design to design, they have fundamental similarities. One of the points is that the cost model shows that reducing the number of welding points, welding technicians, and welding operators will significantly reduce network costs as a whole. In addition, the new architecture introduces multi-fiber service terminals (MSTs) and centralized splice point methods, further reducing initial construction costs. Finally, when technicians are maintaining, repairing faults, and opening services, the two basic areas of the FTTP network—the interface between the feeder segment and the distribution equipment, and the interface between the distribution equipment and the outdoor equipment's residential fiber closure—are used. Connectors will make access easier and reduce costs.

The early FTTP network erection staff wanted to weld every junction from the central office to the user network. The reason for this is the lack of confidence in the cost and reliability of fiber closure in outdoor environments. For example, when the outdoor temperature approaches -40°F, the plastic used in the closure of the optical fiber shrinks more than the optical fiber, which causes the optical fiber to be slightly bent, thereby causing insertion loss. In recent years, the reliability of connectors and cable accessories has greatly improved. Research shows that new cables and accessories can be used in most harsh environments.

In the network, where is the most significant use of Fiber Closure? In order to simplify troubleshooting, ease of reconfiguration, and opening up of business, it is standard practice to use connectors in the central office. This still holds true in today's FTTP networks - the use of connectors at key junctions in outdoor equipment gives the network flexibility. And it is more cost-effective than using a welding method.