The Main Advantage of Greentleftth Fiber Optic Box


Fiber optic box are a type of box used in fiber optic networking, which uses light rather than electrical signals to transmit data. They are carefully designed to align and protect two segments of optic fiber, and were among the first boxs widely used in optic networking. fiber-optic boxs use a bayonet-style twist and lock mechanism and can be used with both single and multimode fiber. The boxs are used in data centers, short to medium range network links, and military and security applications.

Using light as a transmission medium allows fiber optic cables to carry much more data than their electrical copper-based counterparts, but it also presents some unique problems. Fiber optic boxs must be designed with precision as a top priority, because even a small amount of dust or slight misalignment between fiber segments can greatly reduce performance and reliability.

Fiber optic boxs can be divided into these types:FC type fiber optic box,SC type fiber optic box, MT-RJ box, LC box and so on.

The main purpose of fiber optic boxs is to achieve fiber connections. Now widely used in optic fiber communication system in the optic fiber box, its many types, different structure. However, the basic structure of various types of fiber optic boxs is consistent, that is, the vast majority of fiber optic boxs generally use high-precision components (by two pins and a coupling tube composed of three parts) Alignment of the fiber.

This method is to penetrate and fixed the fiber in the pin, and the pin surface after polishing, in the coupling tube to achieve alignment. The outer part of the pin is made of metal or nonmetal material. The butt end of the pin must be ground and the other end usually uses a bend limiting member to support the fiber or fiber optic cable to release the stress. Coupling pipe is generally made of ceramic, or bronze and other materials made of two semi-synthetic, fastened cylindrical components made of multi-metal or plastic with a flange, in order to facilitate the installation of the box fixed. In order to precisely align the optic fiber, the pin and the coupling pipe processing accuracy requirements are high.

The main advantage of the light box is simple operation, fiber optic cable stripping only once, the construction speed. It does not require the operating environment, the tools needed is easy to carry.