The Internal Configuration of the Cable Termination Box


Cable termination box series of products is the optical fiber transmission communication network terminal wiring auxiliary equipment for indoor direct and different connection of fiber optic cable, and the protection of fiber optic connections.

The role of the cable termination box is to connect the two cables together. The termination box is where the end of the cable is connected, and then accesses the optical switch via the optical jumper. Therefore, the terminal box is usually installed in the 19-inch rack, can accommodate the number of fiber optic cable head more. Terminal box is the cable with the pigtail to play a protective role. The actual work in the terminal box can be used for indoor connector box, but rarely the terminal box when the terminal box with the use of different. The transfer box can be divided into cable transfer box and cable transfer box, their role is used in the front of the user wiring. The Connection box generally refers to the cable connection box, also known as cable connector box. In some places, especially the radio and television system, also called the optical package, its role is to protect the cable connector from the outside world damage. The patch panel is also divided into fiber optic patch panels and cable patch panels, the role is the same as the transfer box, but it is used in the operator's room.

Cable termination box has cable fixing device, splice tray and over clip, and a reliable grounding device. It has a fixed cable, welding function, from the role of fusion dunk, used to achieve the pigtail and fiber optic cable connection. The splice tray adopts the superposition structure, the configuration is flexible, can be welded to the workbench, the operation and maintenance is convenient and quick. Cable by the shell, the internal components, optical fiber connector protection parts 3 parts.

Cable termination box where the material used should have anti-corrosion properties, such as anti-corrosion properties should be anti-corrosion treatment. Its physical and chemical properties must be stable, must be compatible between the various materials, and compatible with the cable jacket and wiring pigtail jacket. To prevent corrosion and other electrical damage, these materials must also be compatible with the materials commonly used in other equipment. All materials should be non-toxic, non-corrosive, no adverse effects on human health and other equipment.