The FTTH Box Enhances Home Communications


The FTTH box utilizes fiber technology to enhance home communications. Fiber Channel represents fiber to the home, many experts believe that FTTH cable will soon replace the traditional copper. FTTH also has a variety of other elements. FTTH flat cables are also commonly referred to as indoor cables. Other elements of the technology include instrumentation cables and cable glands. Next, let's take a brief look at the cable structure and the difference between the loose tube and the tight cushion cable.

The core of the cable structure is the high refractive center of the transmitted fiber. SMF uses a standard telecommunications core diameter between 8 meters and 10 meters, MMF standard core diameter between 50 meters to 62.5 meters. The diameter of the cladding around these cores is 125 μm. Core sizes are 85 meters and 100 meters for early use, but are not normally used today. The core and the cladding together form a single solid component of the glass, with a slightly different composition and refractive index. The third part of the fiber is an external protective coating called a coating. The coating is usually an ultraviolet (UV) photocurable acrylate used in the manufacturing process to provide physical and environmental protection for the fiber.

FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) networks increase the speed of connections for homes, apartments and businesses compared to the technology used in most areas today. The FTTH network is the installation and use of optical fibers from a central point called an access node to a single building. The link between the user and the access node is achieved by fiber jumper. Usually use loose tube and tight buffer cable to high-speed transmission of signals, to support outdoor or indoor environment.

Compact FTTH boxes are designed and manufactured to meet indoor and outdoor applications. It combines the design requirements of the traditional indoor cable, an increase of moisture and anti-sun function, in line with outdoor standards. The buffered indoor / outdoor cables also comply with some or more flammable and smoke-generated code requirements.

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