The Ftth Box Can Accommodate Multiple Adapters


Fiber is made of high-quality extruded glass (silica) or plastic made of flexible transparent fiber, slightly thicker than the human hair. It can be used as a waveguide or "light pipe" to transfer light between the ends of the fiber. Involving the design and application of optical fiber applications in the field of science and engineering known as fiber. Optical fiber is widely used in optical fiber communication, which allows transmission over longer distances and higher bandwidth than other forms of communication.

Use fibers instead of metal wires because the signal travels along them with less loss and is also immune to electromagnetic interference. The fibers are also used for lighting and are wrapped into bundles so that they can be used to carry images, allowing viewing in confined spaces. Specially designed fibers are used in a variety of other applications, including sensors and fiber lasers. The optical fiber typically comprises a transparent core surrounded by a transparent cladding material having a lower refractive index.

The outdoor FTTH box is an optical fiber that is an environmentally sealed enclosure that distributes and distributes the optical power of the feeder fiber to the distribution fiber that distributes the fiber to the FTTHX network. They are also designed for fiber splicing, terminal and management. Each housing contains a front panel with a universal adapter insert and a splitter holder. Swing the front panel behind the front pallet can be behind the front panel. It has a high density and can accommodate up to 576 FC or SC Simplex or LC duplex adapters. The adapter plug provides an adapter for the slant to prevent laser damage to the eyes.

Additional splicing trays can be stacked on top to increase capacity. Each connector tray can hold up to 12 single fiber optic connectors with protective sleeves. The splice tray can be opened separately and removed from the box. The outdoor Ftth box can provide up to 576 fiber lengths for SC and FC connectors.