The Fiber Termination Box Is Used For Branch Fixing


In order to install the fiber optic cable, a cable blower was designed. These fiber junction boxes are unique in that they carry information in the form of light. These cables are useful for short and long distance transmission of audio and video signals. If the fiber optic cable is broken, another cable must be installed between the connectors, rather than welded or twisted. Fiber optic technology has been used in many applications. They are widely used in telecommunications, closed-circuit television security and local area network.

Glass fiber for fiber optic cabling. They almost did not provide any change in the long-distance signal. Engineers have found that by adding a small amount of additional chemicals to existing silicon dioxide, they can change the nature of the glass used in these cables. Although both glass and plastic can be used to make cables, glass is the preferred choice for cables for long-distance transmission communications. Glasses use full internal reflection for transmission.

The fiber termination box is made of glass core made of glass. Through this core, the light is guided. The core is coated with a material that is slightly lower than the core. The two optical fibers are connected by mechanical splicing or splicing. This process involves a lot of skills, because they require micro-precision. There is also a pigtail fiber optic terminal box, it is in the cable laying of the terminal protection cable and pigtail welding box, mainly for indoor fiber cable through the connection and branch connection and cable terminal fixed, play the pigtail tray storage And the role of protective joints.

The method of fixing the base of the fiber termination box should be set according to the specific conditions of the site construction. The installation method can be installed by the expansion screw, the nail and the like. The fixing method of the information module is based on the construction site condition. Installed in the wall of the cable terminal box, the location should be higher than the ground about 300mm. In the room floor when using the activities of the floor. The cable terminal box should be 300mm from the surface of the movable floor.