The Fiber Termination Box Is Indispensable For Fiber Cable


Fiber optic cables are one of the most popular media for new cabling installation and upgrades, including backbone, level and even desktop applications. Fiber has many advantages over copper. Fiber provides more bandwidth than copper and has a standardized performance of up to 10 Gbps and higher. More bandwidth means that the fiber can carry more information than the copper's higher fidelity. Keep in mind that the fiber speed depends on the type of cable used. Single-mode fiber provides maximum bandwidth without bandwidth requirements.

Fiber provides extremely reliable data transmission. It completely immunizes many environmental factors that affect the copper. The core is made of glass, it is the insulator, so the current can not flow. Immune interference and radio frequency interference (EMI / RFI), crosstalk, impedance problems. You can run the cable next to the industrial equipment without worrying. Fiber is also less susceptible to temperature fluctuations than copper, can be immersed in water. Fiber is lighter and thinner than copper cable. To use bronze to achieve higher speeds, you need to use a higher level cable, usually with a larger outside diameter, more weight, and take up more cable tray space. The use of fiber optic cable, diameter or weight difference is very small.

The fiber termination box is an indispensable tool in the optical fiber. It is a connecting device between the multi-core cable and the terminal equipment. It is mainly used for fixing the cable terminal, storing and protecting the remaining fiber, fiber splicing and fiber pigtail.

The loss of fiber is transmitted in the fiber, which is mainly composed of the transmission loss of the fiber itself and the joint loss of the fiber optic connector. According to the order of the cable, its own optical fiber transmission loss is also basically determined. The fiber splice loss is determined by the fiber itself and on-site construction. The efforts to reduce the shear loss of the fiber optic connector can increase the transmission distance of the fiber amplifier and improve the attenuation margin of the fiber link.

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