The Fiber PLC Splitter is a Passive Optical Component


Fiber PLC splitter is the simplest and most commonly used PLC splitter in the FTTx project. This type of PLC dispenser leaves bare fiber on all its ends. Therefore, you can freely connect the network engineer according to the application program. At the same time, fiber optic PLC separators require minimal space during routing. They can be easily installed in the fiber splice closure to provide FTTH signal distribution.

The frameless fiber PLC splitter looks like a bare fiber PLC splitter. The main difference is that the blockless PLC splitter is usually terminated with a fiber optic connector and is packaged in a compact stainless steel tube. Many bare fiber PLC splitter are also commonly used to separate the chip from a stainless steel tube package. ABS PLC splitter using ABS plastic box clamping chip. The inlet fiber and the dispensing fibers are arranged on the same board of the ABS box, which can provide easier and more flexible wiring. In addition to providing reliable protection, ABS PLC separators can also be installed in a variety of boxes or chassis. The ABS PLC splitter is usually installed in a standard 19-inch rack unit.

The rack splitter is designed to meet the high wiring density requirements of the data center or server room. It can be securely installed in a data center or server rack. More ports can be added to the PLC splitter. It is the ideal solution for high-density cabling environments.

The fiber PLC splitter is a cost-effective passive optical component that enables a single network interface to be shared by two or more users. Choosing the right package for the PLC dispenser can be a lot of help during network deployment and maintenance. Fiber PLC splitter manufacturing technology is complex. It is produced using semiconductor technology (photolithography, etching, development technology), making manufacturing more difficult. As a result, the price of the equipment is higher. The PLC separators operate over a wider temperature range (-40 to 85 ° C), allowing them to be deployed in extreme climates. Split ratio of 64, providing high reliability. In addition, due to technical implementation, the signal can be evenly distributed.

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