The Fiber Plc Splitter Is A Miniature Optical Element


Now the optical technology has made great progress to meet the growing demand for high density multi-fiber applications in the telecom field. Fiber optic splitter, which is an indispensable device for fiber optic networks, enables the signals on the fiber to be distributed between two or more fibers. Fiber optic splitter can usually be divided into FBT separator and fiber PLC (flat light wave circuit) splitter. Each type has advantages and disadvantages when deploying it in a passive optical network.

The optical splitter, also known as a beam splitter, is a quartz substrate based on an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device for uniformly dividing the optical fiber light into a number of portions at a certain ratio. Because separators do not contain electronic components and do not require power, they are an indispensable component that is widely used in most fiber networks.

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Optical splitter according to its working principle, divided into FBT separator and fiber PLC splitter. Separators can be built using a variety of single-mode fiber jumper and multimode fiber and most connector types for a variety of applications. The PLC splitter is a micro optical element based on planar optical wave technology, providing a low-cost, high-reliability, low-cost light distribution solution. Using a quartz glass waveguide circuit aligned with a V-channel fiber array chip using ribbon fiber. Once all the alignment and bonding, and then packaged in the micro-shell.

The fiber PLC splitter is used to distribute or combine optical signals based on planar optical wave circuits and to provide low cost light distribution solutions with small size and high reliability. Fiber PLC splitter is the current hot research at home and abroad, has a good application prospects for the distribution or combination of optical signals. It is based on planar optical wave technology and provides a low cost light distribution solution with small size and high reliability. The fiber PLC splitter is not sensitive to the transmission wavelength of light and meets the transmission needs of different wavelengths. Its single shunt channel up to 32 or more.