The Fiber Patch Panel is an Important Equipment in the Optical Transmission System


With the increasing degree of network integration, there have been set ODF, DDF, power distribution unit in one of the number of light mixed patch panels for fiber to the district, fiber to the user, fiber to the building, remote module and wireless Base station of the small and medium wiring system. The fiber patch panel is used for the end-to-end and distribution of the backbone cable in the optical fiber communication system, which can easily realize the connection, distribution and dispatching of the optical fiber line.

The fiber patch panel protects the cable core and the pigtail. Can be individually assembled into fiber patch panels, but also with the digital wiring unit, audio wiring unit installed in a cabinet or rack. Constitute an integrated patch panel. The equipment configuration is flexible, the installation is simple, easy to maintain, easy to manage, is the optical fiber communication cable network terminal, or relay point to achieve fiber, jump fiber optic cable welding and access essential equipment.

It is an important auxiliary equipment in optical transmission system. It is mainly used for optical fiber welding, optical connector installation, optical circuit transfer, storage of excess pigtail and protection of optical cable. It is safe for optical fiber communication network and Flexible use has an important role. In the past, optical communication construction used in the cable is usually a few to several tenths of the core, fiber optic patch panel capacity is generally below 100 core, these fiber patch panels more and more show pigtail storage capacity is small, Operation inconvenience, less function, simple structure and other shortcomings. Optical communication has been widely used in long-distance trunk and local network relay transmission, fiber has also become the development direction of access network. All in the new fiber-optic network construction, try to use large number of cable, so that the fiber patch panel capacity, function and structure put forward higher requirements.

In the integrated wiring system, Fiber Patch Panel is suitable for the horizontal wiring or equipment termination between the devices, and the interconnection of the centralized point. Rugged and easy to install the design to reduce installation and operating costs, a large positive logo space to facilitate port identification, easy to manage.