The Fiber Access Terminal Will be a Good Fiber Tester


Fiber patch panels can be sufficient to repeat, and can improve the ecological adaptability. Where appropriate, they are widely deployed in many types of industries. Fiber access terminal, meaning the end of the spark of the cable burning to the other end. The premise of combustion can be light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or lasers. The premise of propagation is that the pulse is turned on and off, and the photosensitive receiver on the additional end of the cable converts the pulse into the original signal and zero.

Fiber access terminal refers to the server and the user completely between the fiber as the transmission medium, the main technology is the optical transmission technology, is to meet the high-speed broadband services and two-way broadband services needs. Fiber access terminal is between the central office and the user completely with fiber as the transmission medium. The fiber access terminal may be divided into an active optical access terminal and a passive optical access terminal.

The increased fiber access terminal will be the tester. This is an important device that should be operated by the installer or maintenance personnel, which helps them to test the completion of the cable. Through it, you can calmly determine if your cable is alive. It converts the cable's achievements into a bright voltage, so you can calmly get the cable in the appropriate batch.

Users who live in residential, residential and office buildings with easy access to integrated cabling and large enterprises or group users with exclusive fiber demand must consider the use of fiber optic cable in the use of multiple minicomputers Feature, if you want to bidirectional communication, then you should use dual-fiber, and then select the fiber access terminal according to the characteristics. As a result of the different frequency of light transmission and multiple choice, so in the communications device market has emerged optical multiplexer. Installing an optical cable in an ordinary computer network begins with a user device.