The Difference between the Indoor And Outdoor Fiber Optic Box


According to the different environment, fiber optic cable is generally divided into indoor cable and outdoor cable, indoor cable is formed by a certain process of cable, mainly by the optical fiber (such as hair glass) and plastic protective casing and plastic skin composition. Outdoor cable is a communication line to achieve optical signal transmission. By a certain number of fiber in accordance with a certain way to form a cable core, outsourcing jacket, and some also cover the outer layer. Mainly by the optical fiber and plastic protective casing and plastic skin composition.

The tensile strength of the indoor fiber is small, the protective layer crosses, but relatively lightweight, economical, mainly used in horizontal cabling subsystems and vertical trunk subsystems. Outdoor cable tensile strength is greater, the protective layer is more heavy, and usually armored (that is, metal skin wrapped). Outdoor cable is mainly used between buildings, as well as the interconnection between remote networks.

Fiber optic box is also called fiber patch panels, used in the use of optical fiber technology to transmit digital and similar voice, video and data signals. Fiber optic box is mainly used in the end of the fiber when the sub-line, the general fiber optic cable to the enterprise room after access to the fiber box, and then separated from a lot of small fiber, a pair of separate discs in the fiber box separated Connect the pigtail to the specific equipment side. Fiber optic cable is mainly used for fiber optic cable terminal welding, optical connector installation, optical circuit transfer, redundant pigtail storage and cable protection, it is for optical fiber communication network safe operation and flexible use has an important role.

Indoor fiber optic box is generally suitable for indoor use of fiber optic box, he is generally divided into two sets of indoor tight and branch, because it is used indoors so it does not need a waterproof structure, so the softness is better, bending performance. In contrast, the outdoor fiber box because of its use of the environment is outdoors, it must have a waterproof function, the general use of the outer jacket is made of PE material, and then its internal structure is generally divided into the central tube structure and layer Twisted structure. From the naked eye, the indoor outer jacket is generally yellow or orange PVC material, the outdoor is the black PE material jacket, from the model on the distinction between the general outdoor GY words.