The Core Role Of Fiber Optic Splice Closure


The fiber optic splice closure is usually closed with a reinforced core, and the connection of the metal plate is better than that of the bolt. The horizontal opening of the bolt is better than the vertical slotted structure. This is the choice of the fiber connector to be closed. Attention to the problem. Metal parts of the air fiber optic splice closure, if every 2 km ground once, the metal parts directly to the ground or through the appropriate surge protection grounding, this strand will have a protective effect on the overhead ground.

For the cable grounding of the telecommunication office, the metal part of the cable in the fiber optic splice closure shall be connected, and the core, moisture barrier and armored layer shall be connected and maintained. At the end of the unit (station) armor layer, strengthen the core should be grounded, moisture-proof layer through the arrester grounding. At present, domestic and foreign production of fiber optic connectors closed shell material, the most commonly used two kinds of materials: PC (polycarbonate) engineering plastics and PP (polypropylene) plastic. Due to the different characteristics of the two kinds of plastic, the use of closed joints are also different.

The fiber optic splice closure is the only protection unit that connects the cable connection and the optical fiber connection, and plays an important role in the cable transmission line. Most of the failures of the fiber optic cable line are due to the poor quality of the fiber optic connectors due to the poor quality of the fiber optic connectors. The factors that affect the quality of the fiber optic pallet include the sealing strength, the enclosure and the cable end seal, and environmental factors. The strength of the shell is the important factor that affects the quality and service life of the fiber connector, and the choice of the sealing material is the most important reason to affect the sealing strength of the fiber connector.

In general, the use of heat-shrink sealed sealed cable, fiber optic cable and thermal casing firmly stuck together for the late maintenance and expansion of the cable is difficult to achieve, simply replace the top cover can be closed to solve. For the use of mechanical seal type sealing cable, the use of fiber optic cable in the cable outside the pipe is a deformable seal ring, maintenance and expansion can be screwed down, remove and replace the seal to achieve the installation operation more convenient no need to replace the connector closed, Thus saving maintenance and expansion costs, is an isolated structure.