The Benefits of Field Assembly Optical Connector


Field assembly optical connector is the fiber optic quick connector, also known as fiber optic union and so on. It has no special requirements for the operating environment, the tools needed are simple, easy to carry. Its operation is simple, only one time to start the cable, the construction speed.

At present, including foreign domestic, quick connector manufacturers more, its structure and material also formed their own characteristics. In the structure is divided into mechanical connection and hot melt type. The mechanical continuous type can be divided into straight type and embedded type. Straight type: cable stripping, cutting directly from the tail after the end of the connector to wear, no connection within the connector point. And embedded type: embedded in the core embedded in a section of fiber, cable stripping, cutting and embedded fiber in the connector within the v slot docking, V tank filled with matching liquid.

Hot melt type of field assembly optical connector, in fact, the same is the optical fiber welding, but the welding point in the connector at the end of the end, the equivalent of hot melt to the pigtail cable to the omitted, and the benefits of doing so, No additional protection is required. But in terms of its operation, the same use of welding machine, as is the case of active hot melt, and ordinary hot melt is essentially no difference. Hot melt connector has the shortcomings, it also exists, so the way is not widely used.

What is the advantage of field assembly optical connector? Its fiber clamping elements are made of elastic metal materials, there is no aging of plastic components; temperature changes on the optical fiber holding force almost no effect; In addition, the device with anti-loose mechanism, the device anti-vibration, anti-drop performance are very it is good. Fiber abutment with axial adhesion, fiber docking, the two fiber end gap is almost zero, so the connection loss is very small; due to the use of fiber matching paste, there is no fiber matching paste loss, pollution and aging; The reliability of the clamping is also very good and also determines the stability of the connection is very good. In short, the use of field assembly optical connector is a lot of benefits.