Terms of Use of the Fiber Distribution Box


The fiber distribution box is designed and manufactured according to the communication industry standard. It combines the introduction (fixed, stripping and protection) of optical fiber, fiber splicing, fiber divergence, and wiring, and completes the optical fiber wiring management function independently. This product is widely used in optical fiber communication network, mainly for optical access network in the optical distribution point of the indoor and outdoor fiber box, waterproof performance IP65 level.

Optical distribution box has a complete cable into the device and grounding protection device to facilitate the introduction and fixed cable. It is suitable for SC, FC and other adapters, the adapter installed tilted in the front of the chassis 30 degrees, plug freely, the installation is also convenient. Wiring fiber, wiring pigtail, jumper fiber access to their own independent, do not interfere with each core have a clear logo. Adapter for the tilt installation, pigtail coiled natural smooth, large radius of curvature, can minimize the loss of fiber transmission. The fusion box is a laminated structure, which can be easily operated and can be adapted to the fusion of the ribbon optical fiber. The box is sealed with a seal, which can effectively prevent dust from entering.

Optical distribution box is mainly formed by box, welding module, wiring module, optical splitter components, optical cable into the fixed device, leather wire and cable leads to the fixed device and so on. If the transmission line is not available or the loss is large during use, it is possible that the fiber is bent or the radius of curvature is less than 30 mm, or the optical splitter is faulty or the adapter is faulty. Then the construction of the bare fiber, the welding point must be carefully protected, no errors. Construction should be reserved for the appropriate length of the fiber into the welding plate to prevent breaking fiber. But also to ensure that the optical splitter core and adapter is not damaged, if damaged, you need to replace.