Talk about Fiber and Fiber Optic Cabinet


Fiber is a technique that uses optical fibers, which is a long glassy flexible line that is roughly human hair. By using this latest technology, you can transfer large amounts of data over long distances. The fiber is used to broadcast optical and audio signals to produce a distortion-free sound. In addition, fiber is useful in medical procedures (for internal examination of the body), cars and aircraft.

The fiber is usually arranged as a bundle of optical cables. Each bundle is protected by a jacket, a jacket of a cable. A single fiber consists of a core (the central portion of the light propagation), a cladding (a special additive around the core), and a cushioning coating that protects the fiber from rupture and moisture. The cladding has a high refractive index so that the light is reflected internally and is bent by the fiber rather than being leaked out.

Compared with copper, the fiber is cheaper, thinner, has a higher carrying capacity, less signal degradation, carrying digital signals, and is not flammable, light weight and flexible. Due to the less signal degradation, the use of lower power transmitters rather than copper required for high voltage electrical emitters. The signal coming out of the fiber optic cable has the same quality and strength as when it first entered the cable. Cable anti-electromagnetic interference, and crosstalk from adjacent wires.

Since it comes to fiber, then it is necessary to talk about fiber optic Cabinet. Here is the LC connector. LC connector is a mechanical device mounted on the end of a fiber optic cable, light source, receiver or housing to be mated to a similar device. LC and other Small Form Factor (SFF) fiber Cabinet such as MTRJ, MU is the solution for increasingly high density termination in limited spaces.

LC Cabinet are available for singlemode and multimode fiber optic cabinet. It is constructed of plastic shell and provides precise alignment through their ceramic rings. It is a new SFF fiber connector that goes beyond the MT-RJ as a fiber optic connector. LC is very popular for use with Fibre Channel adapters and Gigabit Ethernet adapters.