Some Types of Greentelftth Fiber Optical Tools


When you are dealing with fiber optic box , you might need some tools that will support you in handling the job. Those tools are work with fiber optic well, so they should be provided to support the job of people who work as installer or repairer. Here are some of those supporting tools that you should provide in working with this certain cable.

Fish, or fishing line, is the first common tool that you need to use in installing wiring and cable. It comes in form of a coil of stiff bendable metal wire that is completed with a hook on one end. This is a very important tool that you should use in installing fiber optic cable in any places that could not be seen easily, such as behind the wall or in computer installation.

The second tool will be line tester. This is an important tool that should be owned by an installer or repairer since this tool helps them to check the output of the cable. By providing line tester, you could easily check whether your cable is working properly or not. It delivers the output light of the cable that is translated into a readable volt, so you can easily find out whether the cable is sending of data in the right amount through.

Miscellaneous tools will be the third important thing you need to provide. These tools consist of several different types depending on what you need to do. You can find hand tools such as wrenches and screwdriver that will help you to install wire clips on the ends of the cable. Then, you also need to have fastener to help you hold the cable in its place. Install this tool along the wall or ceiling where your cable runs.

Another miscellaneous tool is razor knife. It is a very handy tool when you need to strip the insulation from the wire. Then, you might also need fiber optic cutter since this certain type of cable contains glass or plastic wire instead of metal one.