Some Obstacles Of Using The FTTH Box


Fiber home, although only a fiber optic cable to the user's home, but not as easy as many users think so easy. In many parts of China, fiber optic broadband into the home still need to overcome some obstacles. Fiber optic home, refers to the broadband telecommunications system. It is based on fiber optic cable and uses optoelectronics to deliver multiple services such as phone triple play, broadband internet and television to homes or businesses.

Optical fiber communication is widely used as a medium for information transmission due to its unique anti-interference, light weight and large capacity. The use of existing transmission lines laid fiber optic cable is the most economical and most effective. China has a vast territory and a very rich power line resource. China's power lines have a very promising application prospect.

FTTH is the trend of the times, FTTH box is also essential. Some areas have achieved fiber to the home, but there are many places to install fiber broadband, still facing three major obstacles. First of all, residential property management obstruction, leading to home fiber can not be achieved. It is understood that in the "optical network city" to promote the process, some residential area fiber optic home encounter tube property obstruction, and even some property management companies started to ask for a high cost of household fees, resulting in fiber to the cell door, but can not reach the user's home . Due to the property and other reasons, nearly 200 properties in the province can not enter the construction and implementation of fiber-optic transformation, many users can only hope that fiber sigh.

Second, in some well-established neighborhoods, due to construction problems, the underground pipes are not closed and the property management pipes are not allowed to go down the open lines. As a result, the optical fiber enters the building but can not enter the user's house separated by walls. In order to meet the needs of users, telecommunications installers only in the corridor does not affect the visual areas, such as the top of the stairs laid CP pipe cords, construction more difficult. Finally, many optical fiber lines covered by optical networks have only vertical lines in the unit building and no horizontal lines. The installer needs to open the suspended ceiling and carry the lines one by one to the user's home. Although China Telecom has taken a two-man team to install, and achieved good results, but with the rapid installation of optical fiber users are still waiting for the gap.

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