Several Different Types Of Fiber Outlets


An fiber outlets having a switch switching function is provided with a non-conductive action plate and a two metal piece in the optical fiber socket, the action plate is arranged between the two metal pieces, and the dust cover is arranged on the socket mouth, When the cover is closed at the socket, the dust cover will press the action plate so that the two metal pieces are separated and open. When the dust cover is opened, the two metal tabs can reach the access effect and the circuit design allows the AV terminal The socket was disconnected, so that dust, switch and switch the protection of fiber optic plug from scratch.

Fiber outlets can be divided into ST, SC, LC, MT-RJ and several other types. According to the type of fiber type is divided into multi-mode, single-mode two. Information socket specifications are single hole, two holes, four holes, multi-user and so on. Each optical fiber transmission channel includes two optical fibers, one receiving signal and the other sending signal, that is, the optical signal can only be transmitted in one direction. If the income received, hair pairs, fiber optic transmission system certainly can not work. Then if the correct polarity is to ensure that the integrated wiring in the need to consider the issue. ST type through the cumbersome number to ensure the polarity of the fiber, SC-type duplex connector, in the construction of the number of sitting on the complete solution to the polarity of this problem.

ST, SC connector connectors are commonly used in general networks. ST connector inserted after the rotation half a week with a bayonet fixed, the disadvantage is easy to break; SC connector directly plug, easy to use, the disadvantage is easy to fall out; FC connector general telecommunications network, a screw screw to the adapter, the advantages Is solid, anti-dust, the disadvantage is the installation time is slightly longer.

The integrated fiber optic connectors are equipped with simplex and duplex fiber optic cords. In the horizontal cable or trunk cable at the end of the cable side, it is recommended to use simplex optical fiber connector, in the user side, the use of duplex fiber optic connectors to ensure that the polarity of the fiber connection is correct.

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