Reasons For The Failure Of The Fiber Optic Box


Fiber is a shorthand of optical fiber, is a glass or plastic made of fiber, can be used as a light transmission tool. Is now commonly used long-distance networking materials. If the long-distance network failure, if you can not quickly determine whether the fiber failure, for the emergence of network failure, will greatly delay the troubleshooting time.

In general, common fiber failure equipment failure, such as fiber optic box. Fiber optic equipment is mainly due to signal output distortion caused by the transmission process of signal distortion, making a large number of signal loss. Often, the associated output characteristics are affected by temperature and related factors. Whenever the bias current and light intensity changes to a certain extent, the actual electrical output curve of the corresponding working range will change, resulting in the signal up and down the process of moving, the signal is caused by interference loss.

The main faults of fiber optic box that can be measured at present can include fiber failure and fiber optic cable fault, coupler link failure. Specifically, it is also possible to refine the pigtail failure to the actual corresponding radius of the pigtail bending, the pigtail break, and the dust at the flange of the flange. Fiber optic cable fault, including the total cable attenuation is too large and line disruption.

With the rapid development of China's economy, people's demand for communication technology is getting higher and higher. In the communication system, the integrated use of new communication equipment is more able to meet the needs of the development of the times. Among them, the promotion of fiber optic box is particularly prominent, for equipment failure analysis and routine maintenance work, maintenance personnel have an important responsibility, the normal operation of the equipment plays a key role. So we often check whether the fiber optic box occuring error.