Product Characteristics of Fiber Closure


The fiber closure series products are mainly used for the fixing and protection engineering of the optical cable terminals in the communication network, the welding of the optical cables and the pigtails, and the containment and protection of the residual fibers. As an auxiliary device for terminal wiring in a fiber-optic transmission communication network, the cable terminal box is suitable for direct and branch connection of the indoor optical cable to protect the optical fiber connector.

Fiber closure product features:

1. It has the function of introducing the optical cable line, leading and fixing the wiring pigtail, and protecting the performance of the optical cable, the wiring pigtail and the optical cable from external damage.

2. It has the characteristics of good airtightness and airtightness. The fiber closure body is protected from the harsh environment of the outside world.

3. Stretch tightness: 2000N axial tension, no air leakage.

4. Withstand voltage: 15KV (DC).

5. Stretch seal: Can withstand strong tension and no air leakage.

6. Impact seal: It can withstand impact energy of 16N*m (Newton*m) three times without cracks.

7. The utility model has the functions of insulating the optical cable metal member from the cable terminal box casing, and can conveniently lead out the grounding for the optical cable line.

8. Provides the location of the cable connector and the space reserved for the fiber storage, the security of the packaging circuit, and the installation operation is convenient.

9. The fiber closure body has strong impact resistance and meets the installation requirements of different users and different use occasions.

The advantage of using the fiber closure is to provide a protective connection between the optical cable and the wiring pigtail. The metal component of the optical cable is insulated from the cable end housing, and the grounding can be conveniently taken out, in order to provide the installation of the optical cable terminal and the storage space of the remaining optical fiber. The installation operation of this equipment has sufficient impact strength and can be placed in different places of use.