Plastic Optical Fiber Use In FTTH Application


At present, POF is aswell broadly acclimated in the accomplishment industry. Through the converter, POF can be affiliated with RS232 converter, RS422 converter, 100Mbps Ethernet, badge ring and added accepted agreement interfaces, appropriately accouterment stable, reliable advice curve in acrid automated accomplishment environments. POF enables accelerated manual of automated ascendancy signals and instructions, alienated the accident of advice arrest resulted by electromagnetic arrest with metal cable lines.

When the abstracts amount is beneath than 100Mbps of low acceleration LAN, SI artificial optical cilia can apprehend the manual aural 100 meters and baby after breach POF can accomplish the manual in 150Mbps50m.

POF is failing and durable, can anatomy a arrangement of on-board assemblage advice arrangement and ascendancy system, the micro-computer, digital aeronautics devices, adaptable phones, fax and added peripherals into the all-embracing architecture of locomotives, cartage can aswell adore music, movies, video games, shopping, Internet and added casework in the bench through the artificial optical cilia network.

In aggressive communication, POF is getting developed for accelerated manual of ample amounts of the third and arcane information, for example, application the POF characteristics of ablaze weight, flexibility, quick connection, acceptable for carriageable wear, for soldiers wearable ablaze computer systems, as able-bodied as can be amid into the advice arrangement to download, store, forward and accept mission analytical information, and displayed on the helmet display.

There are CF, LF and BF alternation of Artificial Optical Cilia in the market. Generally speaking, POF cable is acclaimed of the appearance of following:

500m ball of artificial Optical Cilia Cable

Ablaze in weight, accomplished flexibility, beating resistance;

Anti-electromagnetic interface, abiding and reliable arresting transmission;

Low-loss optical window in the light-visible area;

Ability to address arresting ablaze bur not ultraviolet, or infrared, no application or calefaction transfer;

Smooth surface, acceptable flexibility, bendable shape;

2-3 times added ablaze than end-light optical cilia ;

Ability to address arresting night but not ultraviolet,or infrared, no application or calefaction transfer.