Pay Attention to the Maintenance of Fiber Optic Box


Fiber optic equipment is an important part of China's public communication network for the transmission of audio, data, images and video communications business, with the communications to broadband, high-speed and integrated digital business development, in addition to long distance, the local network more and more The use of the letter. Roll light has gradually entered our family life, become an essential element of the development of information society. So we have to say that fiber box.

The fiber optic box is made of a push-in adapter board for outdoor armor, indoor soft cable, wall-mounted, ideal for networks with high safety or functional features designed for building or campus network trunks. The fiber end of the trunk end and the jumper are carried out in two separate lockable zones, with a concealed and easy-to-use door lock, and the mounting adapter is the same as the adapter used in the rack mount.

Fiber optic box is with fiber optic cable fixed, welding function, from the role of the termination cable, it is used to achieve the pigtail and fiber optic cable connection, equipped with cable anchor, splice tray and over clip, suitable for strip and non-ribbon cable. Its shell with epoxy electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance, easy to use.

Fiber optic box maintenance is very important, the following talk about how to improve the quality of maintenance, compression fiber barrier repair time. First of all, should strengthen the optical fiber circuit tour work, remove hidden dangers, to avoid the occurrence of obstacles. Second, the implementation of the East too management, timely updates. Third, the standardization of the local network route remediation, is conducive to testing and repair. Fourth, to strengthen the repair disgust, the staff training, training a high-quality, fast response, skilled repair team.

In short, we must face up to the importance of fiber optic box in our lives, from a high degree of understanding in order to truly solve the problems in maintenance, to ensure smooth transmission network security.