Optical Termination Box Is A Fiber Management Product


The optical termination box is also a compact, compact fiber management product. Widely used in FTTx cable routing and cable management. In some cases, the fiber end box can be viewed as a mini dimension of an optical fiber patch panel and an optical patch panel (ODF). At present, the market has a large number of fiber terminal boxes and other equipment for cable management. The names and models of these fiber end boxes are different from those of different manufacturers. Therefore, it may be a daunting task to determine the detailed classification of fiber end boxes.

Roughly according to size and application, optical termination box can be divided into fiber optic wiring board and fiber junction box. According to the appearance of judgment, fiber optic wiring board size is small, while the fiber junction box smaller. Fiber optic patch panels are typically 19-inch wall mounted or mounted. Typically, the fiber box has a tray that helps to maintain and protect the fiber link. A variety of different types of fiber optic adapters can be pre-installed in an optical fiber patch panel as an interface through which the fiber cartridge can be connected to an external device.

The indoor optical termination box acts as a transition point between the rising cable and the horizontal cable, providing the operator with more flexibility in this way. In addition, the indoor FTB allows the space to be used for the long and terminated fibers, as well as for fiber splicing. The outdoor fiber junction box is an environmentally sealed enclosure for the distribution of FTTX networks. They are also designed for fiber splicing, terminal and cable management.

Insulation is always required between the cable metal parts and the cable terminal box housing in the fiber end box, providing space for the cable terminals and keeping the fiber in place. In addition, the optical termination box also facilitates installation of different occasions as it is easy to access, which proves to be time and cost savings. Optical fiber terminal box is widely used in telephone, rural power network system, data and image transmission system, CATV cable TV series, indoor cable through mandatory access and branch connection. Now, fiber terminal box in the field of communication network plays an indispensable role, with higher reliability and flexibility.