Operation Method Of Fiber Optic Splice Box


Fiber optic splice box is two or more fiber optic cable connected together, and has a protective part of the connection part of the cable line construction must be used, and is one of the most important equipment, the quality of fiber optic splice box directly affect the cable The quality of the line and the service life of the cable line. It is a mechanical pressure sealing joint system, is adjacent to the optical cable to provide optical, sealing and mechanical strength continuity of the protection device. Mainly in a variety of structural cable for the overhead, piping, buried and other laying way through the direct and branch connection.

The box is made of imported reinforced plastic, high strength, corrosion resistance, terminal box for the structure of the cable terminal of the terminal room, the structure is mature, sealed and reliable, easy construction. Widely used in communications, network systems, CATV cable television, cable network systems and so on. For two or more fiber optic cable between the protective connection, fiber distribution, is a user access point commonly used equipment, mainly to complete the wiring cable and the entry line cable in the outdoor connection, and according to FTTX access Need to install box or simple optical splitter.

The remaining fiber in the fiber optic splice box is coiled in the fiber placement device. In the operation of the installation of the cable splice box, the fiber connector should be free from significant attenuation. After the optical fiber connector box is packaged in the specified operating procedure, soak in the water container at room temperature for 15 minutes to observe stability should be no bubbles to escape, or stable observation of 24-hour barometer instructions should be no change.

When installing the fiber optic splice box, remove the cable sheath, and then remove the winding to the loose tube, the specific method, please follow the cable manufacturers recommended standard method steps, the preparation length of 3 meters. Clean the loose tube with a cleaner and strengthen the core sheath to remove the extra fill sleeve and polish the cable sheath 150mm long with the supplied sandpaper. Depending on the capacity required for the splice box, the number of disks to be superimposed on the splice tray is determined. The stacking type of the splice tray must conform to the snap-in unit of the fiber optic connector and check and maintain the requirements.

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