On the Characteristics of Fiber Optic Distribution Box


Optical distribution box (referred to as ODB) for optical cable and optical communication equipment wiring connection, through the wiring box adapter, light jumper leads to optical signals, optical wiring function. Suitable for cable and patch pigtail of the protective connection, but also for fiber optic access network in the fiber endpoint used. The fiber optic distribution box is suitable for the protective connection of fiber optic cable and patch pigtail, and is also suitable for fiber end point in fiber access network.

Application of the scope: the introduction of cable, fixed and stripping protection, fiber welding and protection, pigtail storage, jump fiber storage and management, fixed fiber connection and cross-connect and other functions. At the same time according to the requirements of customers to install optical splitter, wavelength division multiplexer and other value-added module unit.

The overall structure of the optical fiber distribution box features: fiber welding wiring, scheduling all the positive operation, the rack can be back to back or wall installation, saving space. Modular design, large capacity, high density, easy expansion. The cable can be inserted from the top or bottom into the rack for both ribbon and non-ribbon cables. Fully enclosed structure, jump fiber is not exposed, beautiful appearance, dust effect is good.

It is suitable for SC, FC, dual LC, ST and other adapters, the adapter installed tilted in the front of the chassis 30 °, to avoid direct sunlight into the eye, while easy to track. Ribbon cable to provide special open stripping protection joints, so that the protection of bare fiber, cable fixed, grounding more perfect and reliable. Can be installed optical splitter, attenuator and other value-added modules, operation, easy maintenance and reliable. Also equipped with fiber optic welding for the operation of the table and a variety of accessories, so that the operation, easy maintenance and reliable.