ODF Patch Panel Requires a Lot of Tools


ODF patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber optic cable management. By using one of these boards, these fibers can be spliced to other cables alone, allowing the crossover to be connected and connected in a variety of ways. In addition, the panel creates a safe environment in which to deal with exposed fibers. They protect the fiber and the components inside the enclosure by an adapter mounted on the fiber patch panel and connect to an external device.

There are two main types of ODF patch panels. One is a wall-mounted device, the most basic form of which can keep 12 different fibers apart from each other. If the cable has more than 12 fibers, additional fibers can be moved to the second panel or the engineer can use a panel designed to accommodate multiple fibers, respectively. You can construct wall-mounted panels that can hold up to 144 fibers at a time. Another type of fiber optic patch panel is a rack panel. This type of panel holds the fibers horizontally and is often designed to open like a drawer. Opening the panel slide allows the optical engineer to easily access the internal fibers.

Typical types of ODF patch panels are mounted on racks that are available with different types of fiber optic adapter ports and pre-installed inner pallet and accessoreis, optional pigtails with different types of common styles are SC / FC / ST / LC, E2000 types can be customized.

Fiber optic tools are all types of fiber used in fiber installation and maintenance engineering. There are splicing fiber optic tools, fiber splitter, test fiber optic tools and clean fiber optic tools. The splicing fiber is used to splice the bare fiber together. Typical splicing fiber optic tools include fiber optic cutters, fused, fiber optic connectors, etc., and so on. The cable is cut into an effective and indispensable tool for fiber optic cable termination, and it is usually designed to allow a sheath in a non-fiber configuration or shielded as well. Typical fiber optic cable cutting machine, including circular cable slitter, vertical cable Slitter and so on.

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