ODF Patch Panel is Relatively Flexible in Applications


In order to handle a large amount of fiber with lower cost and higher flexibility, various ODF patch panels are being widely used to connect and schedule fiber. Choosing the right fiber patch panel is the key to cable management success. The choice of ODF Patch Panel is not limited to the structure, and many factors, such as applications, should be considered. Some of the most important are presented below.

With the increase in the number of fiber optic connections such as data centers, the demand for high-density ODF becomes a trend. Now on the market fiber optic cable ODF has 24 ports, 48 ports or even 144 ports are very common. At the same time, many suppliers can provide customized ODF according to customer requirements. High density is good, management is not easy. ODF should provide a simple management environment for the technician. The basic requirement is that the ODF should allow easy access to these ports before and after the connector for plugging. This requires that the ODF should keep enough space. In addition, the color of the adapter installed on the ODF should be consistent with the color code of the fiber connector to avoid connection errors.

As mentioned above, the rack-mounted ODF is relatively flexible in applications where modular design is used. However, other aspects that can effectively improve ODF flexibility are the port size of the adapter on the ODF. For example, an ODF with a duplex LC adapter size port can be installed with a duplex LC, SC, or MRTJ adapter. An ODF with an ST adapter size port can be installed with both the ST adapter and the FC adapter. Optical fiber patch panels in which integrated fiber connection. Optical fiber connections such as splicing, fiber optic connectors in the entire transmission network is actually very sensitive, and network stability and reliability are directly related. Therefore, a good ODF patch panel should have protective devices to prevent fiber connections from damage due to dust or stress.

ODF Patch Panel is the most popular and comprehensive fiber distribution framework that can reduce costs during deployment and maintenance and improve the reliability and flexibility of fiber-optic networks. High density ODF is the development trend of the telecommunications industry. Choosing ODF is important and complex and needs to be fully considered, including application and management. Structure, the number of fibers and protection and other factors is only the basic elements. Can meet the current requirements of the ODF, as well as the future expansion and relaxation of the expansion of the challenges, without sacrificing cable management or density, only through repeated comparison and full consideration to choose.