ODF Patch Panel Improved the Wired Network


The ODF patch panel is an installed hardware component that contains ports for connecting and managing incoming and outgoing LAN cables. They are usually connected to a network rack, above or below the network switch. The patch cable connects the ports in the patch panel to the ports in the network switch to create a permanent port connection for the switch and will not be interrupted during movement, addition, and change.

The main advantage of using ODF patch panels is improved organization and simpler wired network management. If you use a particularly good front terminal in a narrow space, it is easy to get all the cables and terminals. In addition, the use of patch panels simplifies troubleshooting problems because they provide a single location for all input jacks. They are often used in industries that require a large number of audio equipment, because they can be connected to a variety of equipment. For enterprises, the patch panel around the place where the telecommunications equipment, and in the network function from the core role. By concentrating the cable in one place, the ODF patch panel allows the network administrator to easily move, add, or change complex network architectures. The use of patch panels can quickly transfer communication lines from the office to another office.

Since the wiring board allows easy management of the cable, it is reasonable to carefully select the wiring board. There are fiber optic wiring board and copper wiring board. What should I know when choosing a person? The patch panel can be used for fiber and copper systems. Are there any differences between the two types of cables in terms of performance? Many professionals do not see any difference. But some people think that even if the fiber patch panel is more expensive than its copper accessories, fiber patch panels will be better.

ODF patch panel requires two ports for a pair of wires. One port is for the sender and the other is on the receiving end. Fiber optic panels are often faster than copper wiring boards, but this does not affect the latter's role. The main function of the wiring board is to guide the signal flow, rather than at a specific speed to move the signal. In general, the two types of patch panels must be executed according to the same TIA / EIA standard required for the speed and signal performance of the remaining cabling network.

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