ODF Patch Panel Has an Efficient Fiber Management Space


ODF Patch Panel has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, small inter-stage coupling loss, clear image, true, and zero thickness in optics. The most typical application is as an optical input and output window of the micro light image intensifier, which plays an important role in improving the quality of the imaging device. Widely used in a variety of cathode ray tube, camera tube, CCD coupling and other images and equipment need to send images.

ODF patch panel is to achieve fiber to the desktop solution of the user terminal products, internal space design is reasonable. For home or work area, complete dual-core fiber access and port output, can fully meet the requirements of the fiber bending radius, and protect the fiber out of the fiber core to provide safe protection. Appropriate radius of curvature, allowing a small amount of redundant fiber inventory, to achieve FTTD (fiber to desktop) system applications.

The ODF patch panel consists of a front cover, as well as a cable tray, a fixed space device, a field connector and an adapter that provides an adapter interface and a bottom box with a fiber connector protector. ODF Patch Panel in the introduction of fiber optic cable fixtures and optical fiber connecting head of the fixed, protective devices. It should match the fiber optic connector, optical adapter device connector to the middle of the bottom of the box to the bottom of the box should be left with 60mm straight line barrier. At the same time the panel should have a reliable fixed function, to ensure that the fiber connector is not loose.

ODF patch panel shape is complete, the components of the surface smooth, uniform color. Metal parts surface coating or coating adhesion firm, plastic parts without burrs, bubbles, cracks, holes, warping, impurities and other defects. The ODF patch panel is designed to provide a high-density rack-mount solution for next-generation fiber optic networks for fiber optic fiber optic cable terminal equipment for fiber repair, fixed, stitching and management. Green Telecom ODF wiring board provides excellent optical performance, high stability, high reliability, to meet the FTTH construction, ODN construction, LAN, metro and cable television and other application requirements.